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Re: GSBN:Straw Bale Building Kit

Dear Joyce, 

I don't know if you mean a simple building-kit. I build one in order to be able to trawel with it and give everywhere my workshops. Another reason was that I can't build every year a new building on our little finca. The last reason is that people don't should have the sensation that they pay to build another's people house...but I notice that people like to build something permanent...
It's a little nebraska-style house of 3x3meters, 5 layers of sb, a door, a window and a simple roof.
I wrote down how to build the kit, but the info is very heavy to send it through internet, but I share the info.

Now my webpage isn't on line, but in few days I hope it will by on internet...there you can see in the section of fotos of 2006 the little kit. The web is www.tallerdepalla.org

Hugs, Maren

Maren Termens
Arquitecta T?cnica
    Col. n¼ 9961
    c/ Nord 2-2b
  17200 Palafrugell

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Asunto: GSBN:Straw Bale Building Kit

Have you heard about someone creating a straw-bale building kit of some
kind? Maybe the reference was to straw-bale wall panel systems, I don't
know. Just wondering if there's a kit out there somewhere and, if so, what
it's all about.

Thanks for any information you can share.

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