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RE: GSBN:Re: Lime plaster problems

Hi Andy,
I agree with John. We have been doing a very similar thing for about 5
years and have not found it necessary to add the lime putty top coat. We
have even done it without chaff with a great deal of success.



Anvil Straw

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G ' day Andy

My two rands worth mate.

You will need to remove the lime coat and scratch up the earth as others
have said.

I would then apply a mix of earth/lime/sand and chaff or chopped straw.

All depends on the clay content of your earth but I would look at
something like this 3 parts soil 2 parts lime 3 parts sand 1 part chaff.
I use buckets for this mix.  It works well and binds well with the
earthen render.  Then if you want you can apply a finish coat of lime
render however I have not found that necessary in most cases except for

You can see a house we renedered with earth, then earth/lime/sand/chaff,
then lime/sand, here:

<a  target="_blank" href="http://glassford.com.au/Jumbo.htm";>http://glassford.com.au/Jumbo.htm</a>

No delamination no cracks and it is nearly 6 years since we finished

Was in Cape Town a few weeks ago but did not have time to see much it
was a Rotary trip with Hout Bay.  We will be back next year for an
extended visit, see you then.

Kind regards
The Straw Wolf
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