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Re: GSBN:Re: Strawbale walling query


Since I'm the Magwood responsible for the book Siobhan is working from, I
guess I should respond...

I know that many might disagree with me (especially those shaky
Californians), but after years of spending all kinds of time anchoring
bales to posts, I stopped doing so. Seemed like the test figures I was
seeing would indicate that the walls weren't going to warp, wiggle or tip
over, especially when wrapped around the outside and tied in via a solid
bale/plaster corner.

If she follows the details for using vapour barrier and mesh strips behind
the posts and tied into the plaster, that's all the anchoring (and
barrier-ing) that I would use.

Of course, others might disagree...!


> I had a meeting today with a young Belfast architect, Siobhan Brown,
> who is designing a strawbale house for a self builder in County
> Fermanagh ~Northern Ireland
> I don't think Siobhan has much experience of SB but she has had a
> good go at the design mainly based on details in a book by Chris Magwood
> The client wants to built a post and beam structure for the house and
> then wrap the strawbale walls around the outside of the posts.
> She was not proposing to tie the walls into the posts as she says
> that Magwood's details do not show this.
> She was planing to tie the wall plate to the rafters of the roof. The
> house is single storey but with rooms in the loft. so the floor
> joists for the upper floor will be part of the roof structure.
> I have misgivings about this . I wonder if anyone has built a
> strawbale house where the bale walls are not load bearing and are
> wrapped around the outside of the structural posts without being tied
> into them? The posts will be about 4 metres apart.
> Fermanagh has to have 100% humidity all year round with a lot of
> heavy winds and driving rain. If you stand still for 5 minutes moss
> will grow on your head.  I also think the walls will need a rain screen
> I would have thought a more solid structure would involve placing
> sections of bale walls between the posts and being tied into them
> Any useful comments and I will pass them onto Siobhan
> thanks
> Tom Woolley
> woolley.tom@...
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> BT24 7AA
> 028 97 512851
> also:
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