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RE: GSBN:Re: Lime plaster problems

Sorry to chime in so late...been busy. Its just that I haven't seen anywhere
that in the responses to remind Andy that it is very important to wet down
as well as scratch the base layer of plaster before applying a new coat, and
if the material is different (lime on clay in this case) really rub the
first bit in so it binds well.

Hope your problem has been solved.

Rikki Nitzkin
Aul?s, Lleida, Espa?a
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> Hi Andy,
> I agree with John. We have been doing a very similar thing for about 5
> years and have not found it necessary to add the lime putty top coat. We
> have even done it without chaff with a great deal of success.
> Regards
> Brian
> Anvil Straw
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> G ' day Andy
> My two rands worth mate.
> You will need to remove the lime coat and scratch up the earth as others
> have said.
> I would then apply a mix of earth/lime/sand and chaff or chopped straw.
> All depends on the clay content of your earth but I would look at
> something like this 3 parts soil 2 parts lime 3 parts sand 1 part chaff.
> I use buckets for this mix.  It works well and binds well with the
> earthen render.  Then if you want you can apply a finish coat of lime
> render however I have not found that necessary in most cases except for
> look.
> You can see a house we renedered with earth, then earth/lime/sand/chaff,
> then lime/sand, here:
> <a  target="_blank" href="http://glassford.com.au/Jumbo.htm";>http://glassford.com.au/Jumbo.htm</a>
> No delamination no cracks and it is nearly 6 years since we finished
> there.
> Was in Cape Town a few weeks ago but did not have time to see much it
> was a Rotary trip with Hout Bay.  We will be back next year for an
> extended visit, see you then.
> Kind regards
> The Straw Wolf
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