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Re: GSBN:Re: Lime plaster problems

No I didn't mean "never" guaranteed.  I have simply watched so many
new people to the SB world think that this combo was a simple
cakewalk and it just isn't.  It takes a lot of thought, diligence and
flat out good luck to make it work.

As for wetting the surface of the earth plaster I don't think that is
too much of a problem.  What is more of a problem is when the earth
plaster is dry on the surface and still wet 3/4 of an inch in.  That
is what is deceptive and can easily fool.

On Oct 7, 2007, at 11:31 AM, Bruce King wrote:

On Oct 7, 2007, at 9:00 AM, Athena & Bill Steen wrote:

 . . . Another very important piece is that the earthen plaster
substrate must be thoroughly dry as earth plasters shrink when
If that process is not complete the earth will pull away from the
plaster and leave it hanging in the air.

Bill, thanks as always for a thoughtful and well-articulated post.

The above excerpt makes me think that the case is even weaker than you
say for lime over earth, in that you really don't want to apply a lime
plaster to a bone dry earthen substrate.  The earth would suck the
moisture prematurely out of the lime, wrecking or impeding a good
 But if you moisten the earth first, then you are applying lime to the
substrate in its expanded state -- which happens anyway as bone-dry
earth sucks moisture long before the lime sets.  Looks like a lose-
proposition, or rather that you end up relying completely on glue and
mechanical anchorage of some sort.

Also, just to be clear, you finished with --
 I would suggest that it be adopted only after some testing and
experimentation has been done and with a warning that the results are
always guaranteed

Don't you mean "never guaranteed"?

I would greatly appreciate a copy of Harry's paper, or anything by
Harry for that matter.


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