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GSBN:Re: Buffalo Grass Bales

The buffalo grass that I see is short, flat and fairly fine.  I would
think it would be hard to bale, and I wouldn't want to use it for
building without some level of careful, informal testing.  Of course, a
name like "buffalo grass" may refer to an entirely different plant in
different places.  Different climates could also have a major effect on
the growth of the plant.


Derek Roff

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I've had a chance to use switch grass bales, which were awesome. And
hemp is working really well. So does flax, etc. So I'd say if it's
fairly seedless and grassless and tubular, it should work. It
probably matters more how it's baled than what has been baled.


Hi All

A couple recently asked me if buffalo grass baled after the seed
heads fell off would work in lieu of the traditional straw (wheat.
oats or rice) that we normally use. My first inclination was to say
no, but I told them I would pose the question to this list to see
what the responses were. Does anyone have any comments or experience
to share?

Thank You

Ben Obregon

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