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Re: GSBN:Re: Buffalo Grass Bales and Sudan Grass Bales

Looks like Ben got some thoughtful posts, but we might have been able to
craft better ones if he could have provided the scientific name for what they call
Buffalo Grass down in Tejas.  Or, at least, have provided a detailed
description of the stuff.
So much for constructive (?) grumpiness.

That said, the second Out On Bale workshop,circa 1990, put the walls up of a
drum-making studio for Steve Kemble.  The bales were Sudan Grass.  As I
recall, the stems were quite coarse, but the bales seemed fine.  I have also seen a
privacy wall made with bales of pinto bean stalks, and buildings made with
baled cardboard.  It would, indeed, seem that if you can make a tight bale of
reasonable weight, it should work.  Think rice straw bales, eh?


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