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re: Buffalo Grass Bales

Ben bobregon@... wrote:
Subject: Buffalo Grass Bales

A couple recently asked me if buffalo grass baled after the seed heads
fell off would work in lieu of the traditional straw (wheat. oats or
rice) that we normally use.

Hay Bob;

Don't know nuthin' about Buffalo Grass since we don't have any (buffalo or Buffalo Grass) around here in Kanata. But I did see a herd of elk during this morning's bike ride. (One of my neighbours has an elk ranch)

There's a field of mixed hay up the road where the mutts take me for a walk and there are spots where the Timothy grass is often over six feet (1.8m) tall.

I never cease to be amazed to see Bobolinks perched atop one of these six-foot-plus-tall stalks of Timothy, as the slender stalk waves back and forth in the breeze.

I'd have no qualms whatsoever about using baled Timothy hay for wall building.

OTOH, in the same field, one will see Alfalfa and Clover as well and I wouldn't care to try using baled Alfalfa or Clover hay for wall building. I think that it'd be like trying to make a wall out of water cress sandwiches.

The difference between the two is the proportion of leafy material to stalk.

The leafy material would either crumble and turn to dust as it dries (resulting in a significant change in volume and density) or if insufficiently dried when baled, either decompose and rot and/or burst into flame as a result of the heat generated by the decomposition process.

From what little I learned about Buffalo Grass (via Google) it sounds like it would be more akin to Timothy than Alfalfa or Clover.

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Rob Tom
Kanata, Ontario, Canada
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