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GSBN:Re: Pulped Paper as a Fiber Source

In a message dated 10/10/2007 2:09:04 PM US Mountain Standard Time,

> We have found the addition of pulped paper as a fine fibre very very good.
> Its made either from office paper or newspaper ­ it can be made by
> throwing
> soaked paper into a concrete mixer with lots of water and just letting it
> roll until completely broken up , then draining off excess water before use.
> It gives a very fine fibre which is enormously beneficial in terms of
> increasing strength, and durability of earth plasters.

Here's a different use of newspaper-sourced fiber.

The top part of my strawbale igloo/office first got a well-scratched layer of
earth plaster.  The "scratching" was done with a commercial tool that gives
flat-topped ridges and flat-bottomed valleys that have straight, vertical sides
from the top of the ridges down to the bottom of the valleys.

I then troweled on an approximately 1/4 inch thick layer of a mixture of
free, recylcled latex paint and cellulose ceiling insulation (essentially shredded
newspaper).  To test the bonding between this cello-latex and the underlying
earth layer, I applied some onto a similarly scratched earth test tile.  When
I peeled off the cello-latex, the separation occured not where the c-l met the
earth, but, rather, slightly within the earth base, leaving the entire bottom
of the c-l covered with a thin layer of earth.

The final layer was a thin, rolled on coat of UV-resistant elastomeric roof

The performance so far has been outstanding, keeping everything inside
absolutely dry.  Totally non-air-permeable, but tighter than a frog's ass, and
that's water-tight.

Matts (feeling the fiber) Myhrman


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