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Re: GSBN:Some Nice News about DCAT

fantastic news David and well deserved

best wishes


--- David Eisenberg strawnet@... wrote:

> Hi all,
> We have some exciting news to share. The Development
> Center for
> Appropriate Technology (DCAT) has been named the
> International Code
> Council (ICC) 2007 Affiliate of the Year. The award
> was presented last
> week at the ICC Annual Conference in Reno, Nevada.
> This is a wonderful
> acknowledgment of DCAT's focus on building
> sustainability into the
> codes over the past dozen years. It is also a great
> 15th birthday
> present for DCAT. We are particularly thrilled to
> share this news with
> all of you because of who you are, what you do, and
> what we are
> achieving together.
> (For those from outside the U.S., in spite of its
> name, the ICC is
> actually the U.S. national organization of building
> officials. ICC does
> do international work and has a significant
> influence on codes in the
> rest of the world. Hopefully the influence of the
> parts of the world
> where sustainability is a higher priority will have
> more and more
> infuence on our codes here - what DCAT has been
> working toward for the
> last 12 years.)
> Almost six years ago, when DCAT was given a regular
> column (Building
> Codes for Small Planet) in ICBO's Building Standards
> magazine, and
> later in ICC's Building Safety Journal, it marked an
> extraordinary
> occurrence. We had gone into the conservative
> building codes community
> as outside environmental and social justice
> advocates and built
> relationships and trust to such a degree that we
> were invited inside
> and given a platform through which to educate the
> codes community about
> issues of sustainability. Today, with the ICC
> Affiliate of the Year
> Award, and with the growing leadership being shown
> by ICC and the codes
> community, it's clear that this work is paying off.
> We're now planning
> to take the work to the next level and share what
> we've learned over
> the past dozen years in new areas where we believe
> it can help enable
> positive change, through relocalization strategies
> and working with
> communities and local governments as we seek to ways
> to create the
> world we want, not just prevent what we don't want.
> There can be no doubt that there is a significant
> shift happening in
> the world of building and development. We know that
> we are just part of
> a much larger movement and that the work that all of
> you do has also
> been crucial to this shift. We encourage you to take
> the time to both
> acknowledge how much we all have accomplished and
> how much more work
> there is yet to do.
> We've gotten this much done by taking first steps
> and then the next
> step and the next. We hope you will join us in
> abandoning all our
> excuses and continuing to take the largest steps we
> can toward a truly
> sustainable built environment and society. I think
> you'd agree that it
> has never been more important.
> If you feel that our work has benefited your work or
> think it's
> important, please help support it as we continue
> moving forward. Visit
> our website - www.dcat.net - to see what else we're
> up to and to find
> out more about how you can help support this work.
> We invite you to share this news with your friends
> and colleagues.
> With warmest regards,
> David Eisenberg
> Director
> Media Release
> October 12, 2007
> Acknowledging the pioneering work of David Eisenberg
> and the
> Development Center for Appropriate Technology (DCAT)
> in promoting
> sustainability in building and building codes, the
> International Code
> Council (ICC) named DCAT their 2007 Affiliate of the
> Year. The award
> was presented at the ICC Annual Conference in Reno,
> Nevada on October
> 3rd. The ICC Affiliate Award is given in recognition
> of an individual
> or organization that consistently demonstrates
> integrity,
> professionalism and dedication to building code
> development, public
> safety, and public service.
> "David's decades of work in green building education
> and code
> development for alternative building materials has
> helped make
> sustainability a common concept," said International
> Code Council
> Immediate Past President Wally Bailey. ?¥þAs a
> regular contributor to
> ICC's magazine, Building Safety Journal, David
> explains how building
> codes can support the responsible use of resources
> to create safe and
> sustainable communities. As the Code Council
> continues to define its
> role in green building, we have David to thank for
> educating us on how
> to include sustainability into the codes and protect
> our world for
> generations to come."
> The ICC Awards video shown at the opening plenary
> session of the
> conference noted: ?¥þCurrently Chair of the U.S.
> Green Building Council?¥ús
> Code Committee, David played a key role in the
> agreement between the
> USGBC and the ICC to promote a joint effort to
> educate building
> officials about green building and include green
> building practices in
> the I-Codes.?¥?  The first results of that agreement
> were the half-day
> and full-day green building education classes that
> David, the USGBC
> Code Committee, ICC staff, and others developed and
> taught at the
> conference in Reno. In addition, we?¥úre helping
> develop a guide to
> sustainability and green building is in development
> that will be
> jointly published by ICC and USGBC.
> DCAT?¥ús ten-year-old program, Building
> Sustainability into the Codes,
> has included a wide variety of activities and
> efforts to educate the
> building codes community about the full range of
> consequences, risks
> and responsibilities involved in safeguarding public
> health, safety and
> welfare in relation to the built environment. The
> collaborative
> approach and quality of relationships DCAT developed
> resulted in the
> opportunity to help create six feature issues and
> dozens of articles on
> topics related to sustainability and green building
> in the magazines of
> ICC and the legacy code groups. Additionally, DCAT
> was given a regular
> column called ?¥þBuilding Codes for a Small
> Planet?¥? in Building Standards
> magazine and later in ICC?¥ús Building Safety
> Journal. DCAT also produced
> an educational video with the same name for building
> officials. That
> video is currently available from DCAT on DVD.
> DCAT is a Tucson, Arizona-based nonprofit
> organization celebrating its
> 15th year. DCAT works to enhance the health of the
> planet and our
> communities by promoting a shift to sustainable
> construction and
> development through leadership, strategic
> relationships, and education.
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