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Re: GSBN: Earth plasters

Chug wrote:

After a couple of pints of Guiness I hope this all makes sense!
plaster on


Dear Chug,

Thanks for that excellent description of your approach to working with
clay plasters and for sharing your clay plaster tests.

It's still morning here in Tucson, so I'll be waiting until later to
see if your message passes the
"After-a-couple-of-pints-of-Guiness-I-hope-this-all-makes-sense" test!
But it sounds like a reasonable and perhaps important test to include,
given the proclivities of so many of the balers I know from around the

And while I'm at it, I'll drink one in gratitude to all of you, for
your thanks, your congratulations for our award, for your support, and
for all that each of you does every day, everywhere.

And I was thinking that it would be great if anyone who works with clay
plasters and has more or different tests or approaches would share them
so we might end up with a comprehensive list of them. Then perhaps
Joyce could compile them in an article in The Last Straw. I'd gladly
share mine if I had anything different to add, because I've not been
doing this kind of work and only occasionally have the opportunity to
get, kid-like, into the mud and play and work in it.

David Eisenberg
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