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Re: GSBN:Moon phase harvesting of timbers

At 8:14 PM +0000 10/14/07, Andy Horn wrote:
I am curious about whether any of this is familiar to any of you out there
and what kind of experience you have had with these methods or further
insights that might be added.

Facinating stuff about the moon phase research.  It's nice to hear
that there's scientific corroboration.   It doesn't surprise me -
farmers have been planting and harvesting by the moon for ages (the
smart ones, anyway), and I've long been aware that the fall is the
best harvest time for trees due to their moving into a dormant phase
(and often wondered if that isn't one of many contributors to the low
quality of store-bought wood).   Similar is true for fruit tree &
vine pruning, which is something I dabble in.

I'd be interested in the jpgs.

Bill Christensen
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