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Re: GSBN:Re: Lime plaster problems

Hi Matts

yes you are correct limewash is used on cob buildings and some in exposed
situations also have a final coat of thin skim lime over the cob before
appling limewash.

bale on
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> Sometimes however lime plaster
> was not used and rather a cow dung earth plaster was used followed by
> regular coats of lime wash...though at the coast where we experience
> strong
> wind driven rains a lime coating was the norm.

I believe that many of the cob buildings on the southern coast of England
(Devon?) used several (maybe 4-5 initially) coats of lime wash.  It was
considered somewhat sacrificial, and was followed up, after a year or two,
with a
couple more coats.  After that, another coat every couple of years.  Maybe
Jones can check in on this  one, and also tell us whether lime wash over cob
or earth plaster has traditionally been used anywhere in the British Isles
where they experience driving rains coming in off the sea (up on the
coast of Scotland?).


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