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Re: GSBN: Earth plasters

In a message dated 10/15/2007 6:45:11 AM US Mountain Standard Time, Sven
Johnston writes:

> By the way, this issue is on a wall which is in the living area and spans
> into the dining area of the home.  There will be a wood stove installed
> within a couple of feet of this wall.
> Does anyone have a suggestion for a finish coat?  Would it be good insurance
> to use Borax in the final earth plaster?

I tried using a saturated solution of borax and boric acid to mix up earth
plaster, hoping that it might work to make the plaster unpalatable to termites.
It so weakened the plaster that I never went further with the experiment.
Maybe too much of the chemicals in the mix so that the bond between the clay
particles was comprimised?

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