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Re: GSBN:Re: Historic Nebraska Buildings and Railroad Workers

OK, here's my two cents worth. I'll do some additional digging later at the
Historical Society and ask Roger Welsch (if I can get him to answer) and
share what I learn.

Many of the towns in Nebraska were settled and built by railroad workers who
decided to remain here on the Plains when offered homesteads, but I don't
know of any straw-bale buildings that were specifically identified as being
built by railroad workers. Fast shelter was more likely tents or railroad


on 10.16.2007 5:46 PM, MattsMyhrman@...MattsMyhrman@...:

> Andre writes
>> Tom also says that it were the railroad workers in Nebraska that
>> started SB building. I don't remember reading this elsewhere. Though it
>> seems to make sense that railroad workers would create fast shelter it
>> does not seem logical to me that they would make a real house (because
>> they would probably move on as the railroad advances).
> Matts responds: I consider myself a serious student of the early history of
> bale building.  Although it may just be something that I've just somehow
> missed, I have never heard or read anything that would corroborate Tom's
> belief.
> Wonder if Joyce Coppinger, who shares my interest in the dawn of bale
> building,
> could weigh in on this one.
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