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Re: GSBN:Taddelakt


First i would like to put one thing straight I am no Tadelakt expert at
all most of my knowledge is second hand gained from others and an
insignificant amount of hands on. As far as I know and have read.
Tadelakt is basically done with lime plasters and a soap, dark olive
soap being the most popular. Some times the Tadelakt is covering an
earth plaster base or earth lime hybrides but most of the times a lime
plaster is the base. I am not quite sure about the assertion in another
posting that Tadelakt is not moisture permeable as far as I know it is
but obviously much less permeable then lime or earth plasters, I have
never seen it blister!

That said there are many variations on recipes. There are also
commercial products The recipe I have on www.strobouw.nl follow links
to technical, works very well and is also commercially viable even here
in the Netherlands where labour costs are high but it is an expensive
finish. Tierrafino now also makes a ready mixed product
<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.tierrafino.com/tadelakt.html";>http://www.tierrafino.com/tadelakt.html</a> which makes it very easy to do
also for one time amateur jobs.

On Oct 17, 2007, at 16:54, Bill Steen wrote:

If that Dutch guy Rene reads this he will undoubtedly have something
to say about it in that he has a contact there with whom he has
worked. Anyhow, punching Tadelakt into Google will most likely give
all the results one needs in that Tadelakt masters seem to abound
these days.