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GSBN:Good news from the Baltics, and search for good pictures for a lecture.

Greetings from Denmark, Europe.

Two things:

Just back from a workshop in Estonia, passing on "best practice" from
good old Denmark to future sb-builders of Estonia, Latvia and
      The wish of the project was to help professionals move forward,
so we practised on the technique shown at the european sb-gathering in
Germany this past August:
- mini-big bales, compressed in-situ both horizontally and vertically,
roof build on ground lifted up by crane.
      I would like you to know, that there is now a baltic network via
a yahoo-group. (three languages who do not communicate together,
although two are related, so the used language is either Russian or
      In Estonia and Lithuania there is already a young professional
sb-environment. In Latvija at least two living houses have been built,
but there is not yet a professional sb-environment.

In 2 days I will head north by train and ferry to Norway to hopefully
inspire a group of architects about healthy, sustainable,
future-minded shelter/energy/wastewater-solutions.
     All is ready to go, but having just come home from an inspiring
travel around the Baltic Sea I thought it would be very good indeed
with some new pictures/ideas from abroad.
     My lecture will focus on:
- the sb-building techniques very briefly described above
- room heating, utility water heating, cooking, in various types of massovens
- from waste water to productive water
- power, reducing consumption by new permanent-magnet-generator
on-the-market circulation pumps, producing by micro-windmills
- socioEconomic aspects of mortgagefree living
- designstrategy - permaculture
- future aims: passivhus-standard

If you have ONE picture, including descriptive text by email,
- of a beautiful recently finished project
- a method you think hold promises for the future
- something else inspiring of this kind

And you have time to email it today or tomorrow, then please email to:

If interested I'll be happy to email my presentation to you.
Best regards
Lars Keller


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