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Re: GSBN:239 SB buildings in France

Thanks Andre,
This is great info, especially in the details. My 9 years of French
allows me to at least stumble through them.

André de Bouter wrote:

Dear Baleheads,

A few months ago the non-for-profit organization 'EMPREINTE' (which
means print, as in footprint) and The French Straw Building Network have
started an on line database to register French SB buildings. Although we
tried it was not possible to get this done in the SB registry before
this initiative shaped up (Bill C. does deserve to sleep sometimes).

So far 239 buildings have been registered (5% are Nebraska).
The details are on <a  target="_blank" href="http://www.habitat-ecologique.org/paille1.php";>http://www.habitat-ecologique.org/paille1.php</a>

Bill, can you make this number show up in the SB registry somehow?

Bale on,

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