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GSBN:Re: SB in China

Hi all,
The best written description of the program can be found on-line at <a target="_blank" href="http://www.worldhabitatawards.org/winners-and-finalists/project-details.cfm?lang=00&amp;theProjectID=292";>http://www.worldhabitatawards.org/winners-and-finalists/project-details.cfm?lang=00&amp;theProjectID=292</a> If that isn't enough, I could also send the application that I wrote for the World Habitat Award 2005 - it's pretty detailed, though.

In spite of a project slow down due to leadership changes, it looks like strawbale in China may be picking up again. Here is the latest from Linda Zhu, the ADRA China Country Director. Looks like the SB planting and cultivation we've done since 1998 is beginning to bear indigenous fruit :).

Long time no talk. I have been very busy developing proposals and writing reports. We are still searching for a program director. At the meantime I have to do everything I can to keep things going.

I developed a two year proposal and sent to one donor and there is no reply yet. Max asked me for a proposal and I will give him soon. What we plan to do is to organize provincial wide training by local trainers, at the same time we also train private construction companies, support them with partial cost of a baler, but they must guarantee to build certain number of straw bale houses in two years. They need to find a government guarantor in order to receive baler support. I have discussed with Mr. Xing at length and both of us think this will work. Xing will be hired as part time work for ADRA as soon as we have funding.

While we are searching for program director, I am also getting short term consultants to help develop projects, I have secured one from ADRA Mongolia to help with our microfinance project, another one from ADRA International to help with health project, Scott helped with write proposal for environmental projects. We have a mobile clinic project that will start in a month or so in southern China, a new project office will be established. In the future we will hire local people to work in project office rather than hiring expensive staff from Beijing. Each office is headed by a project director who can speak English. Local staff are not required to speak English.

This is a good news for SB project. Recently Urban Planning Research Institute of Qinghua University which is most prestigous University in China visited our office. They are doing a project in Miyun where is two hours away from Beijing, it is one of the counties in Beijing. They want to build two stories energy efficient houses for rural residents. The government gave each family 100,000 Yuan as subsidy, once their energy efficiency level meets the standard, they can get another 30,000 Yuan. This year they want to build one demonstration house first, then build 100 houses next year. They want to start now and complete before it is really cold. Construction still goes on in Beijing till December. Attached is their appearance drawing for your information. They will use solar heaters in the house. When this is successful, they will broadcast it in TV across China. This institute identified straw bales as the wall material due to its insulation value. I lent them some of the English books and they can read. This will make a big impact. They asked me to recommend a person who has experience building straw bale houses to supervise the construction for them in Miyun. I called Mr. Xing and he offerred himself. Now they are in contact to discuss the compensation. If things go well, he can come in early November for two weeks. I will go to the site to visit the house. It will be a good showcase since it is so close to Beijing.

Talk to you later when there is more progress.

At 06:01 AM 10/31/2007, Andr&eacute; de Bouter wrote:
Hello Kelly, (and/or any others who have info on the Chinese sb building

Christophe Achte, an engineer student at the French army (who helps us
translating 'Desing of SB Buildings') is writing his thesis. I told him
about the Chineese SB program and now he's looking for any writen
information (english is ok) on the subjet to show how interventions can
have a positive local impact. The idea being that when the french army
goes to Afganistan (for instance) a lot of buildings are put up. He
wants to propose to build them with local sustainable materials.

If anyone has any info can you please sent it to him AND to me.
ACHTE Christophe achte_christophe@...


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