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Hi all,

Just back from the Natural Building Colloquium Texas, where we met
Mark Jacobsen and Ben Yeomans of Redfeather Development - two more in
our list of "why weren't they on the list yet?" folks.

They have been added to GSBN as of a few moments ago.    So, welcome
to Ben and Mark.  (and let us know if there's anyone else at
Redfeather or anyone else who turned up at NBCTX or elsewhere who
should be on this list)

As usual, you can see the full list of GSBN subscribers by sending a
reply to this email with REVIEW in the SUBJECT line.

And you can get the intro/instructions file for GSBN by sending a
reply with HELP in the SUBJECT line.

I'm sure someone will post a review of NBCTX to the list for those of
you who weren't able to make it.  Meantime, some photos have started
to appear at <a  target="_blank" href="http://naturalbuildingtexas.org/gallery.html";>http://naturalbuildingtexas.org/gallery.html</a> and more
are sure to come.

Bill Christensen
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