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Re: GSBN:40% humidity


There is that chapter from Ken Haggard and Polly Cooper on Natural
Conditioning in the book Alternative Construction where they look at
this. I was looking
at it just recently for some curriculum development.


John Swearingen wrote:

Very interesting paper, and well written.  Some time ago I remember hearing
someone toss out some similar observations about thermal storage, that on a
diurnal cycle, plaster is activated to a depth of about 2-3 inches
(5cm -7.5cm).  I have always figured that the exceptional thermal
performance of
straw bale buildings is not due solely to the high R-value.  The broad
thermal mass of the plastered walls, readily available to indoor air for
heat exchange, modulates temperatures like my pink Cadillac modulates bumps
in the road.

Does anyone know of research and measurements of short and medium thermal
storage in walls?

John "Diurnally Yours" Swearingen