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RE: GSBN:Award for straw house

I guess we Brits are culturally predisposed to hide our lights under the nearest bushel! (straw or otherwise)

Next time I'll try a little more self confidence - Thanks

Jim (shy and retiring) Carfrae

PhD Research Student

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University of Plymouth
Drake Circus

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> And I'm not putting it up just to boast as designer of the house, but
> because the house won against far more conventional structures in a competition
> organised by the Federation of Master Builders - a trade body in a deeply
> conservative industry.
> Acceptance into the main-stream without slackening your principles is the
> point for me

So said Jim, and I say "Jim, why shouldn't you share the credit?  Without
your design, and you as a client, this builder would never have built such a
house and never won the award".

Although Judy and I have always enjoyed working with the weirdoes (yes, you
sticklers, that is the correct spelling), outlaws and bootleggers out on the
anarchic fringes, we also feel that until natural building gets out into the
mainstream it will be spinning around in a side eddy.  That may feel good, but
won't do much good for the world that our grandchildren will inherit.

Matts (rolling down the river) Myhrman



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