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GSBN: Digest for 11/30/07

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-> European straw bale gathering 2007: Reader download
     by "Dirk Scharmer- FASBA" ds@...


Date: 30 Nov 2007 01:43:24 -0500
From: "Dirk Scharmer- FASBA" ds@...
Subject: European straw bale gathering 2007: Reader download

European straw bale gathering 2007: Reader download (in english)

Have a look at the website www.fasba.de (soon with some english parts).
Alternative direkt Link:
<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.downloads.fasba.de/englische-version.pdf";>http://www.downloads.fasba.de/englische-version.pdf</a>. (12 pages, 2,8 Mb).

Thanks to all who worked on it and/or gave their pictures etc., special
thanks to Burkard Rueger.

Dirk Scharmer

German straw bale building association FASBA e.V.
(Fachverband Strohballenbau Deutschland e.V.)
c/o Dirk Scharmer
In de Masch 6
D-21394 Suedergellersen
Tel. 0049 4131- 2278649
Fax. 0049 4131- 2278648
Internet: www.fasba.de
Email: ds@...


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