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Re: GSBN:Fwd: CASBA_ Pea Gravel

I appreciate the dialogue on all of this. For a start, perhaps the
immediate answer for David could be to use
scoria with a much higher insulation value than pea gravel if it is
available in the area, which I consider (IMHO) to be a fairly
good approach to this.

John, as for your comments about discreet drainage to the exterior of
an MCB (or the interior for that matter),
I struggle to balance that with issues around air leakage, wind driven
etc. After good design and construction, I've been having success with
using moisture sensors in strategic places (though there is the drawback
that you can't have those everywhere either). I'd like to hear what
"discreet" drainage would look like.

I did a repair on a house this spring that I had placed sensors in
about 8 years after construction.
It was a parapet style house and the leak occurred at the seal of the
roof membrane onto the collector head
before the downspout. Amazingly, the membrane was unsealed for only
3/8" along its edge.
The sensor high in the 2nd story wall picked up the moisture and they
called to have me look at it.
It would have been good if they had called much earlier, as they did
ignore for a good bit.

Thanks all for this forum and chance to chew on things like this.


Laura Bartels
GreenWeaver Inc.
P.O. Box 912, Carbondale, CO 81623
Ph 970-379-6779, Fax 970-963-0905

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