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Re: GSBN:Fwd: CASBA_ Pea Gravel


Drainage to the outside would be with flashing that breaks the plaster
layer.  On the bottom of the wall this would be the equivalent of a weep
screed.  On window, it's a galvanized flashing that could be described as
the exterior side of a flashing pan that is turned horizontal to make a lip
that cuts through the stucco, draining the contents of the window leakage
onto the outside face of the stucco.

I agree that the problem with moisture sensors is that you cover the entire
house. With my luck I would put them everywhere BUT where there was a leak.
Also, over time, interest in maintaining the sensors might be lost.

John "Do You Hear a Buzzing Noise?" Swearingen

On Dec 12, 2007 1:06 PM, Laura Bartels laura@... wrote:

> I appreciate the dialogue on all of this. For a start, perhaps the
> immediate answer for David could be to use
> scoria with a much higher insulation value than pea gravel if it is
> available in the area, which I consider (IMHO) to be a fairly
> good approach to this.
> John, as for your comments about discreet drainage to the exterior of
> an MCB (or the interior for that matter),
> I struggle to balance that with issues around air leakage, wind driven
> rain,
> etc. After good design and construction, I've been having success with
> using moisture sensors in strategic places (though there is the drawback
> that you can't have those everywhere either). I'd like to hear what
> "discreet" drainage would look like.
> I did a repair on a house this spring that I had placed sensors in
> about 8 years after construction.
> It was a parapet style house and the leak occurred at the seal of the
> roof membrane onto the collector head
> before the downspout. Amazingly, the membrane was unsealed for only
> 3/8" along its edge.
> The sensor high in the 2nd story wall picked up the moisture and they
> called to have me look at it.
> It would have been good if they had called much earlier, as they did
> ignore for a good bit.
> Thanks all for this forum and chance to chew on things like this.
> Laura
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