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Thanks Mark,

I thought about Roxul - I think it's a good material, but I didn't
mention it because I remembered that it's hydrophobic - so it won't
absorb or hold water - which could be good, but doesn't seem to meet
the need of a true horizontal drainboard in this case, if the water
just puddled on top of it, which I think it would. It may well be
better than foam, though, though perhaps harder to find. I just looked
at their webiste:  <a  target="_blank" href="http://www.roxul.com/sw53876.asp";>http://www.roxul.com/sw53876.asp</a>  and see you can
download technical info and a brochure.


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I forwarded this discussion to a Northeast-region group of
practitioners. A question:

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Pardon me if you've already covered what I'm going to say. Roxul
drainboard is made from a waste product (slag). It insulates well
and efficiently drains water.

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