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Re: GSBN:David Arkin nomination

geeze, i thought he already was...


On Dec 13, 2007 3:04 PM, Martin Hammer mfhammer@... wrote:

> Hello again everyone -
> David Arkin's e-mail about pea gravel ignited one of those great GSBN
> firestorms of intense and productive dialogue.
> I'll take this opportunity to nominate David (along with his wife Anni) to
> the GSBN.  I think his absence is a longstanding oversight.
> David is an architect in Berkeley, California who has a long history
> designing buildings with an environmental focus that are also of
> exceptional
> quality as architecture.  He worked a number of years for educator and
> architect Sim Van der Ryn, a pioneer in the field of ecological design.
> David was project architect for the Real Goods Solar Living Center that
> graces the cover of Bruce King's book and was the building that got Bruce
> into straw bale.  He has broad experience with straw bale, rammed earth,
> all
> things solar, and other forms of natural and environmentally responsible
> building.  In partnership with his equally talented architect wife Anni
> Tilt, their firm Arkin-Tilt Architects (www.arkintilt.com) has won
> numerous
> design awards and their work has been widely published.  David is also
> past
> national president of Architects, Designers and Planners for Social
> Responsibility.
> Any seconds?
> Martin Hammer


John Swearingen
Skillful Means, Inc.
Design and Construction

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