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Re: GSBN:Inquiry from France

For answer to an old mail from the 08/12
Hello all,

We are building to, in France, with jumbo bales.
We have build a house and an industrial building for the french company who make ready clay mix for the plastering (Akterre)
The building was 750 m2.

So we are very involve in this kind of technique, making technical drawing to.
We are starting an european meeting, only about jumbo bales techniques.

You should inter in contact with Max Vittrup Jensen max@..., who is making a thesis about this technique. I'm not so far of you, I'm in the south of Lyon, nice to meet you Olivier !

All good and full of all

No? ...

David Eisenberg a ?crit :
Hello all,

I am forwarding the message below we received at DCAT. I imagine there
are numerous people here, including in France, who may be able to offer
assistance. Thanks in advance for your help.

Please respond to o.turlier@...and it would be good if
those of you who do respond could also copy the GSBN listerve so the
rest of us know that you have done so and also have the benefit of the
information you share.

Warmest regards,

David Eisenberg

Email: o.turlier@...
Questions: Hi everybody,
I'm interested in big straw bale (900 mm x 1200 mm x 2000 mm, approx.)
construction, because i see those ones usable for a load-bearing wall
(without any reinforcement frame).
Do you have run tests on compression loads, etc. I'd like to see a
Hooke curb  or a Young modulus if available.
TIA for any answer.
Olivier TURLIER, Marseille, France
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