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GSBN:Re: Fire-Resistant Straw Bale and Fighting a SB fire

On Dec 20, 2007 4:25 AM, Bob Bolles bobbolles01@... wrote:

> Deputy Chief, Don Fisher, Fort Mojave Mesa Fire District (Arizona) has
> requested information on two aspects of Straw Bale Buildings 1) Features of
> SB Construction that make our building more fire resistant 2) How to best
> fight a fire in a SB Structure.
> Having recently fought his first SB structure fire has motivated him to
> research SB buildings and use that information to write an article in a
> firefighter's magazine.
> In the case of the building fire that Chief Fisher encountered, the
> plaster lath was attached to one side of steel studs and girts, and the
> Bales were placed on the inside of the studs, creating an air cavity
> between. Additionally, the barrier between the top of the Bales and the
> attic was OSB. The fire was apparently started by a welding torch.
> We would appreciate all of your ideas about how to design and build
> Fire-Resistant SBC and what you would like firefighters to know about
> dealing with a fire in a Straw Bale Building
> If there is enough response, I will also put together a summary to submit
> to The Last Straw.
> Best Regards and Happy Holidays~
> bb
> Sustainable Building Systems
> San Diego CA USA

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