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Re: GSBN:Re: Fire-Resistant Straw Bale and Fighting a SB fire

Bob, Bill and all - Waaaay back in the day, in probably one of the
first couple of The Last Straws I was Editor for (maybe Issue #13,
#14, or #15?... Joyce?), we did an article specifically on a
straw-bale fire.  A good friend of mine, who some of you may know,
Richard Hofmeister, and I did a little forensic investigation and
writeup of the fire that destroyed his famous student straw-bale
shelter at Taliesin West.  He went into a good amount of detail about
what likely started the fire, how it burned, and what fire-fighting
techniques were successful and not...


On Dec 20, 2007 4:25 AM, Bob Bolles bobbolles01@... wrote:

 Deputy Chief, Don Fisher, Fort Mojave Mesa Fire District (Arizona) has
 requested information on two aspects of Straw Bale Buildings 1) Features of
 SB Construction that make our building more fire resistant 2) How to best
 fight a fire in a SB Structure.

 Having recently fought his first SB structure fire has motivated him to
 research SB buildings and use that information to write an article in a
 firefighter's magazine.

 In the case of the building fire that Chief Fisher encountered, the
 plaster lath was attached to one side of steel studs and girts, and the
 Bales were placed on the inside of the studs, creating an air cavity
 between. Additionally, the barrier between the top of the Bales and the
 attic was OSB. The fire was apparently started by a welding torch.

 We would appreciate all of your ideas about how to design and build
 Fire-Resistant SBC and what you would like firefighters to know about
 dealing with a fire in a Straw Bale Building

 If there is enough response, I will also put together a summary to submit
 to The Last Straw.

 Best Regards and Happy Holidays~


 Sustainable Building Systems

 San Diego CA USA

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