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Re: GSBN:Re: Fire-Resistant Straw Bale and Fighting a SB fire

Bill C, Tom, John & Joyce
Thanks for the input.

Bill C
"Obviously, this is pretty far from what we consider "best practice".

Yea, that's why I highlighted those aspects.
It also makes a clear point that there are far too many examples of Straw
Bale Construction where the designer, builder and (in this case) owner,
seems to have either not bothered to consult with any of the books/articles,
or with SB building professionals - this has been one of the basic "bad
practices" that we have known for years.

"Considering the number of fires we've seen that have taken down
entire houses, I suggest that some clay fire breaks within the walls
at various locations would be wise" <snip>

One of the curious aspects of this is that clay is one of the easiest
materials to us with countless potential applications

Tom Hahn
" . . . .we did an article specifically on a straw-bale fire . . . "

John S
"Love to hear more on how the fire spread
Sounds very dangerous to provide a chimney formed by studs right next to
uncoated SB! This is a nightmare scenario to me. Maybe it was not that bad
but it violates all I thought we knew about proper SB design."

John, it is a 5,000 Sf building, with a reported loss of $750,000 - it was
that bad, and worse.
I've only see a few of the photos, but it seems pretty obvious to me that
the owner ignored about every "best practice" you could imagine, for any
type of construction.

"The article is on p. 42 of TLS#14/Spring 1996."

 "(I suggest you visit the GSBN archives, or ask me off list and I will
forward all those emails to you.)"

I gratefully accept - thanks - and I will be sure that you will get a copy
of Don's article.

One theory that Don suggested was that the glue in the OSB is very volatile,
and released a highly flammable gas that additionally fueled the fire in the
cavity. Anyone have any ideas about that?

I'm wondering about the oxygen source in that cavity as well - Where did
that air come from? Would the OSB burn through before the existing oxygen in
the cavity was used up?
Los of questions.

Looks like I have a lot of research to do - I'll get back to you all shortly
Keep them comming.
Thanks so much~

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