• Passive Solar Straw bale - Alaska
    Has your dream ever been to live in Alaska? Our aprox. 3075 square feet (1-3 bedroom) home on 2.96 acres is a passive solar, straw bale structure ten minutes from Fairbanks. This home is both a 5-star Alaska energy plus rated home and is the Alaskan home example (2004) on the homes-across-america.org website. This home […]

Site Revision-June 09

In June 1994 Sustainable Sources put its first web page up. Like most websites of the day, it was pretty darn basic. But it was a good start. The site you’re currently viewing, launched 15 years later in June 2009, is the most recent in a long series of revisions.

There are many new changes:

. . . → Read More: Site Revision-June 09

Understanding of Sthapatya Ved Knowledge

Copyright © 1996 by Deepak Bakshi. All rights are reserved.


All people are influenced by the buildings in which they reside, work and worship. According to the design of the structure, one will feel either comfort or discomfort. In correctly designed structures, one experiences a subtle sense of well-being and contentment. In improperly designed . . . → Read More: Understanding of Sthapatya Ved Knowledge

Site Selection for a Sthapatya Ved Building

Copyright © 1996 by Deepak Bakshi. All rights are reserved.

It is very important that all the documents described in this article are collected from the client well in advance of starting a Sthapatya ved design.

Jyotish chart of owner

Because Sthapatya Ved design is based on and intends to re-establish the connection between the . . . → Read More: Site Selection for a Sthapatya Ved Building

Silence in Architecture

This article springs from a conversation which began in the alt.architecture.alternative newsgroup between Robin Benson, at the time an Australian graduate student in Architecture, and Bill Christensen, webmaster of Sustainable Sources, in 1994

There is a field of study which arises from the ancient Vedic texts of India called Sthapatya Veda, which is generally seen . . . → Read More: Silence in Architecture

It Gets Even Stranger From Here On

Tom Bender

© March 15, 1998

from the book Building With The Breath of Life It can be fun learning about the esoteric practices of an obscure ancient art such as feng shui. Some of those practices can powerfully change how our surroundings affect us. Others are worthless accumulations of several thousand years of superstition. . . . → Read More: It Gets Even Stranger From Here On

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