[GSBN] Lime plaster and expansion joints

Jakub Wihan kuba at jakubwihan.com
Tue Feb 10 12:03:18 CST 2009

Dear Laura, Andre and others,

Now, when we are shifting this fascinating discussion about expansion  
joints towards use of lime, cement, clay and gypsum on straw, I'd like  
to contribute with draft of a report from a meeting with a  
knowledgeable person who is convinced the gypsum plaster is the way to  
go (I believe Andre, who has been previously trying to bring the  
gypsum plaster to our attention, knows Mark - he is quite famous in  
French strawbale building circles - and, as he is frequently selling  
his products in America, may be in the US as well?), Please see: www.amazonails.org.uk/gypsum.pdf

Many thanks,



> Andre, I have not before come across information on mixing gypsum  
> and lime historically. Thanks for raising this. Of course, I too,  
> have no idea what kind of gypsum in the states would be comparable.  
> Anyone know any more about this?
> Laura

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