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Architraves are like a casings around windows and doors. 


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Can you describe what you mean by the skirt or architrave? That is a new
term to me. 




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On Feb 10, 2009, at 6:51 PM, John Glassford wrote:

G ' day

Just an idea.  What we are doing is this; with houses anyhow.  We are using
a hybrid method combining the bales and the window and door frames to
support the roof.  The frames usually 250mm x 50mm go the full height of the
wall and after compression; done by all thread in pairs every 1.8 metres;
these frames are then locked into the top plate. 

Thus we have a perfect expansion joint wherever windows and doors are
located.  We then render to the frames and cover the edge with skirts or
architraves.  The wall is now protected for water penetration even if the
render has a crack where it joins the timber.  We find that using this
method we have not experienced any cracking on the vertical.

With walls with no windows and doors over 3 metres long you would expect
cracks in cement renders and our experience is such.  We do not get any
cracking in earthen renders with plenty of straw or chaff.  However these
earthen renders are not easy to apply with a pump.  So for commercial
buildings and the like we use lime and sand which we pump on.  We then apply
a fibre mesh to the second coat and to date zero cracking even in walls 24
metres long and 5.4 m high.

I will post some photos to the web site below one day soon.

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