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Dear all

Good to consider the Chinese solar hot water effort as well...
Higher energy prices drive use...

The growth in sales in solar hot water in China has averaged 55% a year since 1999 (Martinot, 2006). The top ten companies control less than 20% of the market, a very competitive marketplace. Prices are very low, typically about $100 m2, although some systems reach $300 m2.

Table 2. Thermal solar glazed collectors installed (thousands of square meters, 2004)

China*                               15,000
Germany                            750
Greece                               215
Austria                               183
Italy                                    58
Netherlands                        26
Sweden                              20
U.S.                                   18

From: David A. Bainbridge.  2007. Solar Hot Water: A Management Failure of the American Utilities. Proceedings of the Society for Advancement of Management
International Business Conference, Las Vegas. March 25-28, 2007.
Conference Theme: Global Challenges and Governance.

Some interesting work on integrated collector systems (formerly called IPSWH) in Europe suggests they may be competitive in colder areas. My old book is now free on line at


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