[GSBN] Nomination of Robert Gay for GSBN membership

David Eisenberg strawnet at aol.com
Sat Mar 7 22:12:00 CST 2009

 Robert's e-mail is valleymind at earthlink.net




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Ok, that's good.?

I'll need his email address.?

Alternatively he could go to that URL at the bottom of these emails 
(this one: <http://greenbuilder.com/mailman/listinfo/GSBN> ) and sign 
up with his own choice of password.  If he does that, he should email 
me once he's done the signup so I can approve his subscription in a 
timely way.?

At 5:43 PM -0500 3/6/09, MattsMyhrman at aol.com wrote:?

>Dear Friends in the Network,?


>After first checking with Judy Knox and David Eisenberg, who also 
>know Robert well, I would like to nominate my friend Robert Gay for 


>Robert is an architect working here in Tucson, Arizona.  He has been 
>active in straw-bale as a designer, consultant and tireless 
>promoter, has contributed to The Last Straw, and has donated 
>consulting time to local non-profits wishing to do straw-bale 
>projects.  And if that's not enough, he shares my interest in 
>straw-bale domes.?


>I believe that involvement with the GSBN will widen his horizons, 
>enhance his effectiveness as a regional promoter of s-b and that he 
>will, in turn, provide dryland experience of benefit to the 
>membership of the GSBN.?


>All best wishes from Matts (mere man) Myhrman?




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