[GSBN] Strawbale houses can fly!

Mark Jensen markj at redfeather.org
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Is this a load bearing or post and beam? I too look forward to hearing the results.


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Very exciting, Martin.  Please keep us posted.


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> Thanks Catherine.  It's amazing to watch the beautiful straw bale
> Ecohouse "fly" from its birthplace in the National Mall to its
> permanent home in Maryland.
> Very recently another SB house took to the air.  At last weekend's
> CASBA conference Darcey Donovan showed a slide of the full scale
> Pakistan house specimen built at the University of Nevada, being
> lifted by crane and "flying" over to the indoor shake table for
> testing.
> The shake table test will occur this Friday.  We're looking forward
> to what this important test will reveal about the system being used
> in Pakistan, and SB in general.  To my knowledge it will be the first
> full scale SB building to be tested on a shake table.
> Martin Hammer

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