[GSBN] PAKSBAB Straw Bale House Shake Table Tests - Friday, M arch 27, 2009

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 Hi all,

The images that look like photos are actually live shots and if you go to the site now, you can actually format the window to show all four camera views, set the frames per second rate at 10 and watch what is going on there right now - looks like Darcey (I think) and others documenting the conditions of the structure which apparently took longer to shake to failure than initially expected... I'm guessing that the tests will resume at some point today. It would be nice to have an official update if anyone has any idea about how far the testing went on Friday in terms of magnitude of forces, etc. and what's coming up...
Meanwhile I have a condensed window of the four camera views playing away in the background on my laptop while I work on other things... in case I run out of ordinary distractions, I have this extraordinary one!


David Eisenberg


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Dear Darcey,

If the photos that I see now on the
webcams are any indication of the condition of the strawbale house – I'd
say it survived the earthquake!

I've been in contact in the past with
Caroline Meyer White about your www.paksbab.org work and it is worthy of much praise and


Thank you and your colleagues for making this important work
a priority in your lives.



Alex Cicelsky

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Dear GSBN friends,


On Friday, March 27, Pakistan Straw Bale and Appropriate
Building (PAKSBAB) will be conducting shake table tests of a full-scale straw
bale house at the University of Nevada, Reno.  We will begin around 10 am
PST with the final tests (high amplitude motions) and will continue increasing
the shaking amplitude until failure.  The entire series will likely extend
into the afternoon.


For the abstract, handout, and to observe the testing
live, please go to http://nees.unr.edu/projects/straw_bale_house.html.  From this page you can also
connect to the 24 hour auxiliary cameras to view the UNR NEES Equipment Site


If you wish to attend20the test please RSVP to Kelly
Doyle at 775-784-4223 or by email at kellyd at unr.edu.







Darcey Donovan, P.E., C.E.O.

Pakistan Straw Bale and Appropriate Building (PAKSBAB)

P.O. Box 1083

Truckee, CA 96160 USA

(530) 902-5516 cell

(530) 582-4965 fax

0344-9455664 PAK

ecoengineering at gmail.com







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