[GSBN] Bulk moisture damage

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Great question, Jeff.  I'm not sure where you would put some of Rob 
Jolly's case studies for CMHC.  If my memory serves, he found several 
homes with moisture damage over a fair percentage of a wall (usually 
the north wall), where the moisture damage was believed to be caused by 
wind-driven rain against cement stucco.  Other case studies involved 
plumbing, window, and roof leaks.


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> This question has come up from time to time in our circles, and I
> don't think any one person can answer it because the answer is based
> on our collective experience.  So this is more of a poll than
> anything else.
> The question is, has anyone been involved with a moisture damaged
> bale structure that was *not* due to a leak (bulk moisture)?  Or to
> put it another way, has anyone seen damage from sources such as
> interior humidity or plain old high humidity in wet climates, or any
> other sources than leaks from windows, roofs, etc?
> Thanks,
> Jeff

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