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David Arkin, AIA david at arkintilt.com
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Hi Tim:

If you can pinpoint a single point of moisture entry, it'd be  
interesting to see the profiles of damage in section, both cross  
section and along the length of the wall, to see the pattern of the  
spread and travel of the moisture, damage and mold.  Maybe it's too  
late for that.

Saving some samples of both the damaged and undamaged plaster/bale  
seems prudent, even if testing can't be done immediately.  Seems that  
level of deconstruction could be done without additional cost.  EBNet  
would be the folks to administer the tests, I would think.  EcoB, any  
guess as to the level of funding needed?

Once again we have a failure due to something other than the bale  
walls, but sorry to hear of it, regardless of the cause.



On Jul 30, 2009, at 11:32 AM, Tim Owen-Kennedy wrote:
> Yeah,
> I just started pulling apart an earth plastered straw bale wall that  
> was damaged due to roof failure and there is actually some  
> significant mold. So what an opportunity. Going document as much as  
> possible to share with you all but wanted to know if any of you had  
> any pet concepts or thing you've always wanted to know about if you  
> could just tear into a wall to check, let me know and I'll do my  
> best to keep an eye out and get back to you in some form. And if  
> anyone had some tests they wanted done, like ten year cured earth  
> plaster compression, or plaster to bale adherion, or metal lath in  
> earth corrosion I'd be open to going the extra mile and negotiating  
> with my client, especially if they don't have to foot the bill for  
> it. Ok back to it.
> Can't wait for a chance to catch up on all your post this weekend
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