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Hi John

any observations about the reaction between steel reinforcing (and  
whether it was galvanised  or not?) and the earth plaster (natural or  
stabilised) would be welcome


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On 31/07/2009, at 6:32 AM, Tim Owen-Kennedy wrote:

> Yeah,
> I just started pulling apart an earth plastered straw bale wall  
> that was damaged due to roof failure and there is actually some  
> significant mold. So what an opportunity. Going document as much as  
> possible to share with you all but wanted to know if any of you had  
> any pet concepts or thing you've always wanted to know about if you  
> could just tear into a wall to check, let me know and I'll do my  
> best to keep an eye out and get back to you in some form. And if  
> anyone had some tests they wanted done, like ten year cured earth  
> plaster compression, or plaster to bale adherion, or metal lath in  
> earth corrosion I'd be open to going the extra mile and negotiating  
> with my client, especially if they don't have to foot the bill for  
> it. Ok back to it.
> Can't wait for a chance to catch up on all your post this weekend
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> On Jul 30, 2009, at 10:25 AM, John Swearingen <jswearingen at skillful- 
> means.com> wrote:
>> That's interesting info, Chris, particularly your construction  
>> costs.  Maybe we should try something like that!
>> I'm not clear how, with a module that's pre-plastered, you tie  
>> modules together and make them weather-tight as well as  
>> structurally sound (don't forget, our ground shakes violently now  
>> and then).
>> It seems that your 'poured' walls are simple and easy for  
>> unskilled builders.   What would be the difference if you  
>> installed pre-fab walls w/o plaster, and a professional crew did  
>> the plastering as normally done?
>> John "Beyond Fab" Swearingen
>> On Thu, Jul 30, 2009 at 4:09 AM, <cmagwood at kos.net> wrote:
>> Hey all,
>> Very interesting to see this prefab discussion pop up! As some of you
>> know, I've been working on a prefab system for a while, and  
>> finally got a
>> chance to put to work on a full scale building this summer.
>> I've seen the Modcell system, and have many of the same  
>> reservations as
>> have been expressed here on the list. It seems a lot of material  
>> and not
>> much savings.
>> Our system here is just a typical load bearing wall that's made  
>> off site.
>> We use minimalist 2x4 box beam top plate and 2x4 sill plates, so  
>> there's
>> no more wood in the wall than any other building, and in fact  
>> much, much
>> less than any of the framed bale wall systems. In fact, it was  
>> watching
>> people ignore good old load bearing walls in favour of heavily framed
>> systems that got me wanting to prefab in the first place. I  
>> thought that
>> if we could eliminate the two complaints of weather protection and
>> wobbliness, then everybody could do load bearing.
>> In terms of transportation... all the bales, lumber, sand and masonry
>> ingredients get shipped from a source to a job site. Whether those
>> materials come to the "factory" first, get assembled and then  
>> continue on
>> to the job site seems pretty minor. In some cases, it may lower  
>> the EE,
>> sometimes make it a tiny bit higher, but not enough to discount  
>> the idea
>> of prefab. One of the beauties of our system is that the "factory"
>> requires only typical job site tools (chop saw, table saw, screw gun,
>> mortar mixer) and some floor space. Micro-factories are the way to do
>> this, not big centralized plants.
>> Our walls went together (with student workers, most of whom had no
>> building experience) in 1/4 of the amount of time we'd usually  
>> spend doing
>> site baled work. They turned out consistently sized, square,  
>> straight,
>> load bearing panels for less than the cost that any builder could  
>> make
>> standard frame walls.
>> You can check out photos of our system on the Photo Album section  
>> of the
>> class website at www.sustainablebuilding2009.ca. Those of you  
>> who've seen
>> me present on this subject know that I'm pretty enthused about it.  
>> After
>> too much time putting up test sheds, now that I've got a real  
>> building
>> done this way, I'm only more enthused than ever!
>> Chris
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