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Along the lines of David's request, I wonder to what extent the mold 
follows the horizontal and vertical gaps between the bales; does mold 
seem more prevalent in any straw used to stuff the gaps; is mold more 
or less prevalent at the bale/plaster interface, compared to other 

Thanks for making this analysis opportunity available to us all,


--On Thursday, July 30, 2009 11:32 AM -0700 Tim Owen-Kennedy 
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> Yeah,
> I just started pulling apart an earth plastered straw bale wall that
> was damaged due to roof failure and there is actually some
> significant mold. So what an opportunity. Going document as much as
> possible to share with you all but wanted to know if any of you had
> any pet concepts or thing you've always wanted to know about if you
> could just tear into a wall to check, let me know and I'll do my best
> to keep an eye out and get back to you in some form. And if anyone
> had some tests they wanted done, like ten year cured earth plaster
> compression, or plaster to bale adherion, or metal lath in earth
> corrosion I'd be open to going the extra mile and negotiating with my
> client, especially if they don't have to foot the bill for it. Ok
> back to it.
> Can't wait for a chance to catch up on all your post this weekend
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