[GSBN] erga gard bulding in Norway

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Fri Aug 7 09:53:55 CDT 2009

Hello folks,

Is anyone out there familiar with the straw bale building built by the  
Norwegian Permaculture Association (Norsk Permakulturforening) on  
Ingvald Erga's farm (Erga Gard) in Norway? I believe this is an image  
of it:

A local sustainable charter school just learned of a facility grant  
opportunity, and the principal happened to visit this a couple years  
ago, thought it was a fantastic space, and wants to apply to build  
something similar. She gave me Ingvald's email, but I got an autoreply  
saying he was out of the office until the 17th. The grant is due on  
the 18th.

I've already checked the ISB Registry and didn't see it there...so, we  
are desperately trying to get a hold of a couple photos (interior and  
exterior) of the building. Also, it's dimensions (the principal was  
guessing 30' by 40' but it looks like it might be longer and skinnier  
than that from this image).

Thanks so much for any help!


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