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Below is the description and web sites for two commercial buildings. I¹d
like to include an article or articles for the upcoming issue focused on
commercial buildings using SB and natural building ­ critiquing the designs
of these buildings based on the best standards and design principles for

Anyone have the time and interest in taking this on? There¹s some time to
accomplish this as it will be at least two or three months before we get
into final production for this issue ­ maybe a couple of weeks longer...

How do you feel about critiques of buildings as a way to learn what works
and what might not work so well?

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Building Design & Construction
eNPB9A> Section Eight Design wins 2009 Open Architecture Challenge for ...
Building Design & Construction
The open flex learning space is flanked by strawbale walls that serve as a
backdrop for computer stations, storage, library, and collapsible and
foldable ...
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Teton Valley Community School - Competition Winner for: 2009 Open ...
By admin 
The building serves as a tool for learning about the built environment thru
the transparency of its construction and function. Thicknesses of the
strawbale walls are made evident by apertures created for light. ...
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