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Thu Sep 10 17:54:37 CDT 2009

Dear GSBNers,

Please find below a request from my friend Diana Mindlin.   She translated 
Build It With Bales into Spanish some years ago, and has been making a 
continued effort to get something going there.   Hence, this request.   At the 
moment, unfortunately, I have neither the digitized images nor the time to get 
them and provide the "precautions and recommendations" she asks for. 

Should any of you good folks out there be able to help her, both she and I 
will be grateful.   She can be reached at <dsmindlin at yahoo.com>. 

All best wishes from Matts (don't cry for me) Argentina.   See message 

Dear Matts,
I keep trying to teach the benefits of SB in Argentina. 
Since nobody has money, then I thought:
-ok, I can`t do a workshop, so I will give a talking, teaching in Buenos 
Aires, also in Mendoza.
There were people interested in sb in Buenos Aires but from diferent 
places, from the South, North, West and  East of the country. So I asked a friend 
who is the Director of the Home of one of the provinces (this is like a 
building who represents the Government of the Province).
He said:
-ok, Diana, you can talk in our building.
Now comes my request:
1.  Matts, do you have pictures of sb  homes made in the mountain, beach, 
areas with storms, or floods.
2. And what the precautions or recommendations taken to build in those 
As you see, I never give  up.  But reall y if you can help me in this, as 
always, I would be very g rateful.  The talking in Mendoza is in a place with 
engineers that worked with me in Non Destructive Testing in United 
Nations.  So I want to give a good and "smart" talking (if I can`t get it,at least I 
will try, It`s joke).
My best wishes to both and my cariños for ever.
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