[GSBN] ESBG 2009 - ISBBC 2010?

Joyce Coppinger jc10508 at windstream.net
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Wish I could have been there with you all! Will someone be sending a
write-up about the conference for the Regional Rumblings section of The Last
Straw Journal. Photos are always welcome (300 dpi jpg or tiff format).

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> Hello GSBN members,
> European SB Conference - 2009
> We had our european gathering in Belgium early september. Needless to
> say that we all had lots of fun, that we learned a lot, that we made new
> friends AND that we had some nice Belgium beers. We have not yet decided
> on the location of the next European gathering; a group* has been formed
> to decide on that, and to support those who will take on that chalenge.
> We want the next european gathering to be in 2011. We'll keep you up to
> date when the smoke settles and feel free to contact us if you have
> anything to share with us.
> * The group members:
> Nora Kasanicka
> Herbert Gruber
> Sissy Hein
> Gigi (Geert Goffin)
> Friederike Fuchs
> Rikki Ritzin
> Andre de Bouter
> International SB Conference 2010?
> This brings me to the organizing of the ISBC. Remember that we talked
> about about a proposal from Colorado, a second from the UK and the
> suggestion to do it in a 'developing' country? I'm a bit scared of
> opening up this can of worms, but time flies and 2010 is on our doorstep.
> I suggest that any country that is interested sents makes a proposal and
> that we discuss it on the GSBN for a little while. Than we (the GSBN
> members) can all vote via Doodle (a very easy to use google voting
> tool). I'm all open to any other suggestion on how to make a choice, but
> I would like to avoid reading hundreds of long emails on the subject.
> Personally I don't care where it is, or how it is organized; as long as
> it IS organized.
> Andre - lets get together - de Bouter
> France
> PS David Eisenberg (our special guest in Belgium) was brilliant, and our
> hosts very sweet.
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