[GSBN] ESBG 2009 - ISBBC 2010?

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Dear Andre,


Ruth, an alumnae of our permaculture design course (which paved the way for
her studies in engineering) called me to tell about how wonderful the ESBC
was.  Thank you for hosting her and our other Israeli colleagues so well.
We have much work to do and your help and examples are great sources of
energy for us.


Will there be a DVD of presentations that we can purchase?  


Regards to all,




Alex Cicelsky

Center for Creative Ecology

Kibbutz Lotan

D.N. Eilot 88855 Israel

Tel: +972-(0)54-979-9009

Websites:  <http://www.kibbutzlotan.com/> www.kibbutzlotan.com


Spend a College Semester at Lotan

Justice & the Environment


Sustainable Lifestyle Training:

Green <http://www.kibbutzlotan.com/creativeEcology/ga/index.htm>



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Hello GSBN members,


European SB Conference - 2009

We had our european gathering in Belgium early september. Needless to 

say that we all had lots of fun, that we learned a lot, that we made new 

friends AND that we had some nice Belgium beers. We have not yet decided 

on the location of the next European gathering; a group* has been formed 

to decide on that, and to support those who will take on that chalenge. 

We want the next european gathering to be in 2011. We'll keep you up to 

date when the smoke settles and feel free to contact us if you have 

anything to share with us.


* The group members:

Nora Kasanicka

Herbert Gruber

Sissy Hein

Gigi (Geert Goffin)

Friederike Fuchs

Rikki Ritzin

Andre de Bouter



International SB Conference 2010?

This brings me to the organizing of the ISBC. Remember that we talked 

about about a proposal from Colorado, a second from the UK and the 

suggestion to do it in a 'developing' country? I'm a bit scared of 

opening up this can of worms, but time flies and 2010 is on our doorstep.

I suggest that any country that is interested sents makes a proposal and 

that we discuss it on the GSBN for a little while. Than we (the GSBN 

members) can all vote via Doodle (a very easy to use google voting 

tool). I'm all open to any other suggestion on how to make a choice, but 

I would like to avoid reading hundreds of long emails on the subject. 

Personally I don't care where it is, or how it is organized; as long as 

it IS organized.


Andre - lets get together - de Bouter



PS David Eisenberg (our special guest in Belgium) was brilliant, and our 

hosts very sweet.




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