[GSBN] A nomination

Mark Piepkorn mark at buildinggreen.com
Fri Sep 25 10:30:45 CDT 2009

    I'd like to nominate Andy Mueller. A few of you have met him. He was 
Paul Lackinski's hand-picked successor at GreenSpace Collaborative, and 
has been rather quietly doing top-notch professional natural building 
for several years in the American Northeast. Now he's got something 
different in mind.

Andy wrote:
"Over the past few years I have become increasingly irritated by the 
fact that most of the work GreenSpace is involved with is primarily for 
the privileged (my own personal opinion). I would like to shift my focus 
to working with community in developing countries building community. I 
think with my past experiences as a planner, landscape architect, 
natural builder, and designer that perhaps I would be of better service 
to those who need my skills more. I have done some research and found a 
few organizations that I could volunteer with for a short time, but 
prefer a somewhat different approach wherein I recon, apply for grants 
to cover travel and living, develop relations, plan, build, and build 
some more. Schools are something that also interest me."

    I've been lucky  to get to know a lot of people in natural building, 
but Andy's one of the very few I'd consider a prime asset in virtually 
any situation. He has a rare combination of track record, knowledge, 
heart, smarts, work ethic, openness, maturity (in the best sense), and 

    He has a lot to contribute to the commons.

    His contact info:

Andy Mueller
GreenSpace Collaborative
Charlemont, MA, USA
info at greenspacecollaborative.com

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