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.. John, great work you do with this shelterbox.... I wish the Clinton-Bush team will concentrate on straw-bale options for the second phase... Getting people actively involved for better housing and a better inspired way of living would be great....
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  G ' day

  I have just sent Martin seme photos of straw bale in Iraq built by Geoff Lawton from the Permaculture Institute in Australia.  I also sent him some links on the earthquake tests done by Darcy Donovan for straw bale and here they are if you do not already have them:


  Just scroll down and look at the earthquake video by Darcy Donovan.



  I belong to Rotary and we are sending shelterboxes right now to Haiti see:


  Our club amongst many thousands of other Rotary clubs around the world will be raising funds for Haiti as we did for the Boxing Day Tsunami.

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