[GSBN] Repair work on danish strawbale house

SABALE sabale at bigpond.com
Thu Oct 6 01:44:00 CDT 2011

hi Michael,
Not sure if the latest report ( atricle) was posted on GSBN, incluiding some photos,
but also look at our time laps immages of the repair on face book" house of bales"

if the atricle did not appear let me know an I will email it direct to you.

an answer to some of your questions;

Straw mat, would be ok, except the one exampled seems to be constructed useing fine wire, I beleive that over time the wire will 
rust and the matrix may not be strong enough in later years.  Perhaps try one with hemp or polly ties.
Scrim, rendermesh ( f/glass) or polly netting would also be good.

Nothing will ever guarentee NO cracks, the mesh MAY reduce the ammount and size of cracks.

Mesh is not required on the surface of all bales, just to reinforce areas of concern,  ( concrete render may need more reinforcement).

If your new material is non absorbent, could  it not also be water repellant, and thus the need for an additional layer / material / damp proof course is not required.

Your Bench mounted bale wall may dry suffeciently, as it sounds like it has good ventelation,
Insurers may not like a weight and see approach, so replacement may be the option.

I hold similar concerns about jumbo bales, but their sheer size would help thier insulation level.

Trust this helps,
Cheers Lance

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